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5 reasons why you should make iPhone 6 Plus your next phone

Hey everyone! How are you all doing?

You liked my last post, didn’t you?

Thanks to all the messages, tweets and social shares that I received on my previous post, I am dead sure of its IQ [Interest Quotient].

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This week I had a strange thought in my mind.

“Why not to blog about my favorite phone?”

I strongly believe that this one MUST be your next phone from the point of view of personal branding.

Since the last 6 months, I am frequently travelling across the nation attending events and workshops.

During this period, I made an observation:

“The phone one uses has an impact on others’ behavior.”

This is crucial especially in the context of personal branding.

It can also be counted as a type of lifestyle marketing.

Your clothing style, the watch you wear, your spectacles, your gadgets and other such facets do preach about your success story.

But in today’s times, what you hold in your hand and keep in your pocket reveals a lot about your lifestyle.

There is an old saying in marketing:

“Jo dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai” (What is seen is sold) [Click to tweet]

While pitching to clients or going for an important meeting or while exchanging numbers, your phone itself tells a lot about your prospects and targets.

It gives an impression to the people that you are good at what you do.

And thus I am going to pitch to you the top 5 reasons why you should make iPhone 6 Plus your next phone.

1. ‘C.D.D.’ of the Half Eaten Apple

The most important reason for a logo designing freak to buy iPhone 6 Plus should be because of its stylish half eaten apple logo. 😉

But its features matter the most.

Below are some of them.


With an 8 MP camera with superfast phase detection autofocus for images and video, iPhone 6 Plus is the best when it comes to clicking pictures and making HQ (High Quality) videos.

Even better is the fact that it can shoot videos at 240 fps even when you are moving around.

You can also create a slow motion video with additional microphones for noise cancellation.

Here is a 4 minute film “Dog Tail” fully shot on smart phone (i-Phone 6 plus and OnePlus One) for the India Mobile Film Festival.

This musical suspense is based on a pick-pocketer’s daily routine.


iPhone 6 Plus has an awesome design.

Its main body is made of aluminum with a weight of 6.07 oz (172 g) and has iOS (8.3) OS.


iPhone 6 Plus has a physical size of 5.5 inches with the resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 401 PPI.

It has some awesome multi-touch screen features such as a light sensor, proximity sensor, scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating.

2. You’re Buying a Brand

When you are buying an iPhone 6 Plus, you are not only buying its features.

You are buying a brand.

Apple spends millions on branding and advertising campaigns.

Thanks to this lavish spending, they have secured their place at the top.

Such brand building not only benefits them, but also gives an out-of-this-world experience to the buyer.

If you wish to propagate your success story using an iPhone 6 Plus in your workplace or with your clients, keep in mind that you are also branding yourself.

What would be the best way to brag about your personal brand than owning an iPhone 6 Plus?

iPhone 6 Plus has that mettle in it to take your personal brand to a whole new level.

3. It Completes Your Brag!

 Caution: iPhone 6 Plus can make you a natural bragger!

If you are a fashion freak who is going to attend a royal party, you would take care of every minute thing in your apparel.

From the nicely tucked handkerchief in your pocket to a shiny pair of shoes, you would be rocking it like a James Bond out there!

Imagine a situation where in the midst of a casual conversation in the party, you phone starts ringing.

And you take out your phone.

And it’s not iPhone 6 Plus.

Think about it.

Does that phone suit your personal brand?

Does your phone have the capacity to talk about your success story to the people around you?

Hell No!

Only an iPhone 6 Plus can fit the bill.

4. It Attracts Potential Prospects

iPhone 6 Plus draws clients towards you.

It creates an aura of influence around you.

It makes you the epicenter of their attention.

Such interested folks talk to you as if talking to a living brand.

They are curious about you and quiz you about the possible things that you as a brand can offer to them.

When ordinary people succeed in their personal and professional lives, others draw inspiration.

They do this by trying to follow such persons, follow their lifestyles and their success stories.

They listen to their words and repose trust in them.

When they notice your lifestyle changing from ordinary to luxurious, they get attracted towards you.

In such a case, when you interact with them regarding your business, they show an intense interest and give all ears to your simple talk.

5. Best for Selfies!

Point 5 It Powers Your Social Media Bragging Rights

You might have noticed how models make optimum use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to gain a sea of followers and develop connections.

They gain such a huge following not because they keep posting their hot, sexy and beautiful iPhone selfies, but because they weave an intriguing story around their lives.

From their new hair style, boyfriend, nail polish, nail paint to their new dress they bought, they are a pro when it comes to bragging in social media without seeming arrogant.

Point 5 It Powers Your Social Media Bragging Rights iPhone 6 Plus -image 2
Point 5 It Powers Your Social Media Bragging Rights iPhone 6 Plus -image 3
Point 5 It Powers Your Social Media Bragging Rights -image 4
Point 5 It Powers Your Social Media Bragging Rights iPhone 6 Plus -image 4
The relation between iPhone, iPhone selfies, Instagram models and their followers will teach you the best ways to do lifestyle marketing using iPhone 6 Plus and its importance in your social media engagement and social media bragging!


If you’re doing personal branding, lifestyle marketing is the major part of it. And iPhone 6 Plus is undoubtedly the best bet for your lifestyle marketing. With a price tag of around Rs. 53355, you are not just buying a phone, you are buying the key to unlock a successful lifestyle marketing campaign.

Altamash Sid

Altamash Sid is a personal branding blogger and an internet marketer. He shares his experience on how to build your personal brand and tells the secrets of making million dollars, productivity and personal branding.

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