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Hey Guys, I’m Altamash Sid, What’s up?

That’s Me! Founder of Blogging Hammer. Professionally, I am a Digital Marketing Trainer and Digital Marketing Consultant. Enthusiast about mentoring or helping folks and building good karma! Life Long Learner.

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Why Blogging Hammer?

Blogging Hammer is a resource run by me, and my team, to teach you more about the art of Digital Marketing and how you can succeed at it to start reaping the benefits of building a strong Personal Brand. At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. Money is a self-created roadblock for the majority of human lives. Thinking to make money is like either keep working for it all your life, or it’ll make your life too materialistic.

That doesn’t meant I’m against money. Money is a system in itself, running the world, the uncertainty or unequal income keeping the demand of resources at its favorable pace. And until I or you have got any better idea to run the world while controlling the resources consumption and war between countries because of it. It is the best option. Point is, spending most of your day time in making money isn’t something life is all about. So,

Any Solution? Yes! Build your Personal Brand, Create a passive income stream, Try to invest your time only on profitable projects. BLOGGING HAMMER will teach you how?! So stay tuned.