Make Extra Income By These 5 Money Making Apps

Who doesn’t like to earn extra money? If you are the one who wants to have some extra money in your wallet then, why not to try some cool money making apps?

Yes, we spend money on purchasing a phone and we can earn money on the phone itself. There are many apps available on the play store that gives reward and cash back on your purchase and survey using the apps.

So, here have a look at the best money making apps


One of the best and most used apps is Ebates and without which no online purchase should be made. The app is giving exciting cash back offers at more than 2,500 plus stores. Yes, this money earning app has cash back on the first purchase for Macy’s, Target, Amazon, Groupon and Walmart along with the plenty of coupons and deals. Ebates gets its money from the stores as a commission for communicating people to their stores.


Another app in the list is Swagbucks that will give you money just to take surveys. You can also earn money for watching videos, web searching, recommend friends as well as test different products.

InboxDollars Surveys:

If you are looking for the best money making apps 2019 then, InboxDollars Surveys is a must try. All you need is to do the surveys in the app for the brands and companies to earn the money. As much as a survey you do, as much as the amount you will earn as rewards. Even, you can get $5 as a signup bonus. The app directly deals in the cash so, the problem of converting points into cash is also not there.


Ibotta is one of the popular money making app worldwide. It first asks you to spend money to give you money. Yes, you can get exciting cash back on the purchase from different stores. The app is giving rewards on,, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, CVS, Costco, eBay, Groupon, Lowes, Petco, Whole Foods, World Market, Target, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Walmart etc. Apart from that, you can earn up $20 to sign up.


It is the must-have money making an app which gives passive income to the users. It is very simple to use. Just link your credit card or debit card in the app and, you will automatically start receiving the cash back on your purchase over eat, shop, travel as well as being a part of national merchants. This Smartphone app gives you cash back every time you make your purchase. Once your cash back rewards lead of $25 you can convert it into cash using PayPal or Direct Deposit.

And, that’s all folks about the best money making apps. Well not actually, there are many apps available to earn money. You have to be freak to earn some serious sum of currencies by using Smartphone apps but, these five are the direct way to have it.