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Contentmart Review – Online Marketplace to Hire Content Writers

The Online Marketing World is riddled with brand new Websites and Digital Companies that need high-quality content to market their products and services.  Blogs serve as an excellent medium to enhance a brand’s social media presence. As the number of amateur writers online is steadily growing in India as well as across the globe, the demand for Freelance Writing Websites is increasing by the day. Out of the numerous Freelance Writing Websites on the Internet, few serve high quality content and act as a medium between skilled writers and clients in need of inexpensive content. is India’s Premier Content Marketplace featuring verified writers from India as well as different parts of the globe.

In comparison with other Freelance Writing Websites, Contentmart offers something wholly unique in terms of user experience for both Clients and Writers. It is simple, straightforward, and reliable to use in every aspect. You can easily get content for wide range of content writing projects like Web Content, Blog Posts, Articles, Listicles, Product Descriptions for E-Commerce stores, Assignments, Research Writing etc. While Contentmart is mostly focussed on fulfilling the needs of the Indian Freelance Writing Market, there are also foreign clients and writers using the platform to get high quality content from Indian Writers. Following is a brief review of how Contentmart works, highlighting the key advantages of using the website for your Business or Website:

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Quality Content with every Order:

Contentmart has a very seamless method of placing orders for content. You can either create a bulk order for multiple articles or if you’re not confident about your funds, you can place orders for single articles. Writers place bids with short pitches and you can choose the writer of your choice by reviewing their pitch, past reviews, ratings, and portfolio. Client and Writer profiles are neatly organised to display past order details, and other information that will be helpful in gauging their writing prowess. The best thing about Contentmart is that new writers have tremendous opportunity by creating effective pitches and as such, there is no stagnation of talent.

No Unnecessary Charges:

Contentmart has a very flexible payment policy. They do not charge unnecessary commission or membership fees from either writers or clients. Clients are requested to fill their Contentmart balance only when they have chosen their writer. Absolutely no commission is charged. Getting yourself registered is very simple. You have two options to choose from: Client or Writer. If you are a Client, you simply have to create a username for yourself and fill out the details of your content requirement like number of articles required, number of words required, the deadline of your choice, and other specific requirements like Keywords, etc. You can also send additional details personally to your writer and build an effective communication channel for successful content delivery tailored to your requirements.

Is Contentmart a writer-friendly Freelance Website?

Writers are Contentmart’s most valuable asset, as is evident from the various conveniences provided to them. A prospective writer is asked to undertake a small, easy test that will evaluate their English Comprehension and writing abilities. There is no membership fee or deposits for writers and the platform is totally free to use for writers from all backgrounds. If you are a writer, you need to fill out a brief description of yourself, add Portfolio items, and enter your bank information through a series of simple steps. Contentmart has a safe and assured payment system in place ensuring guaranteed payments to writers for their work if the client is unavailable to process the payment for their order. The submitted order is automatically accepted after 5 days.

Reasonable, Flexible Pricing for everyone:

The Bidding System on Contentmart takes care of both the Writers and Buyers’ demand for reasonable and affordable pricing. Clients create an order for initial pricing and writers bid their price. There is plenty of room for negotiation through a simplified Messaging Interface.

A rapidly growing Content Marketplace:

In just a short while, Contentmart has rapidly evolved from a simple Freelance Writing website to a Brand. New features like the Affiliate Program for Writers, foreign clients and international currencies are now being incorporated. In no time, Contentmart is sure to steam-roller other Marketplaces and emerge as the top Content Provider online.


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