This era will be known for one thing – making life easy. And yet another proof of such a punch line is given by Gramblr – the desktop app that allows you to operate Instagram from your desktop itself, upload photos to Instagram from your PC, Mac, Laptop. Condition applies as you are required to be online. That’s it. This is a big motivation to use Instagram for those people who use the app to market their products or services regarding their business. Doing it from phone all the time is such a daunting task that most businesses opt out of using Instagram from their marketing campaign. Apart from this, normal users mostly operate their phones from their desktop as it is normal to use them with ease without actually touching your phone! So, it is a win-win situation for all. Thanks to Gramblr. Let’s see how we can use this application.

Download Gramblr from their Official website and install it. Upon launching it, you will be required to log in or signup if you do not have an account. Do the needful and you will be directed to your home page. Then, it’s all Instagram as you see on your phone.

What’s so special about Gramblr that Instagram does not give?

Simple. It allows you to operate more than one account. Isn’t this cool? Switching between them does not require you to log off and log on every single time. Instead, click on the account name and you get a drop down with an option that says ‘Switch Account’.

On the left, you are provided with a variety of options. One of them is ‘Upload Now’. Click on it, and select the image (JPEG format only) you want to upload. If you have a png image, simple use a snipping tool (default application on Windows) to snip it and save it in JPEG format. Use this to upload. The best part about images is that you are provided with many features to edit it right away.

gramblr features

Look at how easy it is to upload a nice image with all these options available.

gramblr photo uploading features

gramblr upload features

Upload Videos

Uploading of videos is also hassle free just like uploading images. You are allowed to crop and select a cover pic of the video and there are a few extra options in comparison to the image. It allows you to provide a start and end time and Gramblr crops it for you. Another attractive feature that Gramblr provides is that it allows you to schedule upload time of images and videos on condition that, at the time specified by you, your computer need to be switched on and online.

Gramblr Coins

You may call this Gramblr currency. You can earn coins in exchange for liking picture game where you are shown other users’ pictures which you may choose to like or skip. You can use these coins to promote your own images. This is perfect for businesses promoting their products through Instagram. If you want to promote aggressively, you have the option of buying 10000 coins at $5.95.

Wait, did I tell you that Gramblr comes with no ads? Did you know that it comes in 12 different languages as well? Anyways, install it to find out the real beauty of this desktop app and use Instagram without your phone with everything being synchronized with your phone account simultaneously!