Grammarly bring you the tool that has been claimed as the best grammar checker.

At a time when the world is moving ahead with lightning fast speed, you simply cannot afford to make grammar mistakes while making any sort of publishing online.

Nowadays English is so much valued that almost any professional communication involves the use of English, be it emails, business communication, presentations and the like.

So you cannot afford to lose out on silly errors like grammar.

But this is not an issue for those who have command over the language, but definitely a reason to worry who are not so great at framing grammatically correct English.

But what exactly is Grammarly? Let us find out in this Grammarly review.

Best grammar checker tool or simply put, it is the grammar checking software.

Most of us have felt the need for getting our document checked if it is grammatically correct or if there are any spelling errors that might have crept in while we typed in a hurry.

And there have been times when one has startled in bewilderment at one of the world’s seemingly random and squiggly line and shouted: ‘What do you want from me?’ Till date, the world has witnessed only one grammar checking software and this has received the most fame and praise than the combined praise of its competitors.

This tool has proved to be the next best thing to a well-trained human proofreader on the face of this planet.

It is built for anyone who is aimed at writing and willing to improve his writing, be it students, bloggers, professionals or writers.

Separate versions are built for secondary or higher secondary students at the school level.

More than just spelling, it also scans for more than 150 common and advanced grammar rules, punctuation and contextual spelling errors.

It is also a good substitute for plagiarism checker and creates references if its algorithm spots the reference from where the text has been lifted.

The big question is: ‘How easy to use is Grammarly?’

Ever worked with Google Docs? It is that easy.

You are required to log in using a web browser.

On the dashboard of the grammar checker, you can open a new document and start writing or simply copy paste and let it do the analysis.

The analysis is done in a few seconds time and after this, the places where correction is needed is underlined in red.

Besides, it also provides a detailed explanation of why the correction is needed.

Not just the dashboard, but you can also install an extension in your browser or a plugin for MS Word.

Grammarly premium desktop

Grammarly supports many document formats and the different document type can be identified as blog post or article or business document.

Grammarly Price

The subscription of Grammarly will cost you around $29 per month.

The benefit of using this premium version is that it allows you to check in a way better than a traditional method of doing it and provide detailed information about each error.

This explanation is also known as the study aid, as it is a clear explanation of why exactly it is wrong and how it can be corrected.

How to use Grammarly in different formats?

Browser Extension

Step 1 – Download the browser extension to start using this grammar checking tool. The Grammarly website is capable of recognizing which browser you are using to download it for. Once done, move ahead.

Step 2 – Take a look at the toolbar section of your browser. You should see the Grammarly icon with an alphabet G. if you can see this G button, the installation was successful.

Step 3 – Start using your web browser naturally as you did prior to installation. The only difference you will notice is that you will be getting corrected if you write anything which is not correct as per the basic grammar rules.

Grammarly Web App

Some people have not liked the browser extension of Grammarly just because they do not like that live checking option is kept on all of the time. On top of this, this icon keeps floating over other websites. The web app is the perfect alternative. Let see how to get it to use:

Step 1 – To start using the web version, create an account on Grammarly. You can choose the free version to begin with while signing up.

Step 2 – Upon clicking on the extension button, you can see the following as shown in the image.

Grammarly for chrome extension

Step 3 – you can find two options at the bottom. One lets you create a new document that directs you to the Grammarly editor all at once. The second one is ‘My Grammarly’ that directs you to the dashboard. You have the option of choosing between American English and British English. Since we are more interested in checking up a write-up, New Document makes more sense to use.

Step 4 – Text can be inserted into the editor in 3 different ways. You can either type into it directly, paste it by copying content from elsewhere or by simply uploading a new document.

Grammarly as a Word Add-In

If you use Microsoft Word frequently, here is what you can do to integrate it with it and start working. Please note that Grammarly Add-in for Word is a paid feature and not free. The process is simplest of the three. Just install it like any other software and when prompted for synchronization with MS Word, give it the permission to do so.

Grammarly add-in for microsoft word

Grammarly review of proofreader:

This is an online feature and it is more of a blessing for those who can’t afford a professional human proofreader.

This tool not only checks and corrects grammar and silly mistakes that we tend to make, but also detects plagiarism and states the source from where the text has been copied. It is found to be the most used online proofreader and tool for checking grammar by millions of professionals worldwide and this includes professional writers, business persons and bloggers.

Grammarly truly is the best grammar checker. Start using this grammar check app and do not forget to Grammarly check your contents.