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[Proved] Blogmint’s Twitter Campaigns: How to Monetize your Twitter Account?

Consider this:

You are searching for the term “How to monetize your twitter account?” on Google.

But to your disappointment, you  get irrelevant results on the results page.

Learn how to get 100K Twitter followers in just 6 months!

Has this ever happened to you?

Chances are you have already used tools like Sponsored Tweets, MyLikes, Netflix Affiliate Program, Amazon Associates.

Sadly, none of these tools are actually relevant to serve the purpose of earning extra revenue apart from your monthly income.


Because Sponsored Tweets is not  free and is based on bidding.

For MyLikes, you will have to create a social site with them like BlogSpot. Only then will they monetize your site with ads like AdSense

Meaning: First drive traffic to our website and then get the money.

Is it monetization? Certainly not.

Since the last six months I could only manage to make $400 with my PRO account on Sponsored Tweets.

my sponsored tweets account balance in last 6 months

Whereas, Netflix Affiliate Program and Amazon Associates are affiliate programs which let you create an affiliate link of your favourite products to promote.

By sharing your favourite products  on your social media profiles, you stand to earn a commission provided if anyone buys your promoted product.

Insane, isn’t it?

Because believe it or not, unless you are an industry influencer, making a sale by sharing affiliate links on social media profiles is a difficult job.

Check this out:

Blogmint’s and It’s new initiative for Microblogging campaigns [Review]

Blogmint, which not only only helps Brands in their successful Twitter campaigns, but also Twitteratis in monetizing their tweets, does not resort to promoting affiliate links or driving traffic for generating ads revenue.

Blogmint? What is it?

Blogmint is India’s 1st automated platform that connects brands and bloggers.

It helps brands in identifying and engaging with targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content.

As they say, it’s all about Blogging Vlogging!

So, How Blogmint helps Tweeteratis and Brands?

When I first joined Blogmint, it hadn’t conducted sufficient campaigns to apply for blogs and Twitter. It had just begun.

A month later, I kickstarted my first campaign with them.

These campaigns for blogs and Twitter eventually started rocking overnight.

Suddenly, we were handling social media campaigns of big brands like Honda,, Asus, Myntra, Ask Me Bazaar, Sony, Zee Sports etc.

with Honda's India CEO Katsushi Inoue
 (Pic above: For this campaign we had to attend Honda’s pre-launch event of the all new Jazz, which gave me a chance to meet Honda’s India CEO Katsushi Inoue.)

Eventually, these campaigns turned into very profitable steps for both Twitteratis and Brands since every twitter campaign was trending at the top slot.

How to monetize your twitter account and make money with Blogmint?

Very simple!

  1. Signup for your account
  2. Connect your Twitter account
  3. Apply for Twitter campaigns
  4. Follow their leads
  5. Get money in your account within two weeks.

No payment threshold.

Heaven, right?

Bottom Line:

Blogmint is growing in leaps and bounds.

Kudos to their exceptional work. I wish the best for them.

For my Twitter account with 100k+ followers and according to the brand’s campaign budget, I am getting well paid.

Today, I am able to add a good chunk of extra revenue in my total monthly income by monetizing my Twitter account.

Altamash Sid

Altamash Sid is a personal branding blogger and an internet marketer. He shares his experience on how to build your personal brand and tells the secrets of making million dollars, productivity and personal branding.

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