We live in an era of change.

As we move on with time, we all have to master the art of marketing a business.

Staying updated with the latest marketing techniques apart from the age old traditional methods has become a norm.

Today, businesses are resorting to online promotional methods not because they are cheap, but they have the potential to reach out to the masses in a more efficient manner.

It’s time to explore the least spoken and discussed social media channel: Instagram.

It’s very important for all of us to understand how it shall benefit you in driving more traffic and sales for your business with the right use of Hashtags.

The usual perception among the public is that Instagram is generally used by people who intend to promote their products and services via this social media platform.

Such persons may come from different fields  like E-commerce, photography, travel etc.

However, Instagram can be used in many creative ways to get your business branded.


A study concludes that Instagram has nearly 300 million active users who follow their favorite brands.

Brands are leveraging this portal to talk about their new and upcoming products and engage the users with them, especially the youth.

But the question remains:

How you can use Instagram for your business/brand?

Before you begin, you must ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Am I looking to get more business?
  • Do I wish for more traffic?
  • Am I working towards creating awareness for my brand?
  • Do I want to make my brand hashtag popular?

Based on these simple questions, define your business goals.

Then proceed to make your social media marketing plan.

Again, ask questions:

  • How many posts will you make?
  • What kind of posts do you wish to promote?
  • What kinds of Hashtags that will you use?

Next step: Research about your competitors

Question Time!

  • How often do they post content?
  • What kind of images are getting more likes and comments?
  • Are they following a specific pattern while posting infographics, quote etc., or is the posting done randomly?

Based on the above questions, conduct your research.

Your research will help you in evaluating how you can be better or different.

Once your primary foundation is set up with all this information, it is time to execute the next step:

  1. Create your business profile:
  • Add your business logo and description, which will help the user to know what you stand for.
  • Do not forget to add your business website link/ social profile link, since Instagram grants this place as a clickable link for users to connect and shop on your site.


The same thing is followed if you are using Instagram for your Personal Branding.

  1. Find your contacts to connect:

Once you have updated your profile, it’s time to get followers and follow people.

If you are into an existing business, all you need to do is import your existing Facebook account friends or email contacts to invite them on  Instagram and to follow them.


You can also use the search option (denoted by a magnifying glass) next to the Home Icon on Instagram to discover and explore featured people and groups.

You may follow people based on common interests by suffixing their names or tags in the search and joining the same expanding clan to yours.

  1. Creating Content:

Start profile. Roll content. Action!

Begin posting valuable content as per your defined social media marketing plan.

Make sure your audience falls in love with the content you post. For starters, you can also test content with relevant hashtags to evaluate the times during which your users are more responsive to your posts.

Points to remember while creating content:

  • Make use of an impacting CTA (Call To Action) in your post with hashtags:

You can add a strong Call To Action button/ icon in your post to enable the readers to share/like/buy your product.

You can do wonders for your brand by simply adding these words:

  • “#like”
  • “#share”
  • “#comment”
  • “buy” etc.

Some few more examples:

  • #followus
  • #followme
  • #photooftheday
  • #instalike
  • #instadaily etc.
  • Choose the right colors for your post relevant to your content:

Colors in branding play a vital role. My experience is that posts with subtle colors like green, blue, grey etc. get more of the limelight as compared to gaudy shades of yellow, orange and pink.

  • Good quality images

Don’t forget to post high-quality photos. Go for an image with good quality pixel. A poor quality image.can turn off the viewers forever. Next, you can  start building content in sync with the readers’ interests. Your analytics will assist you in the evaluation if they are visiting your site for more information.

  • Engage with your followers

To keep the traction going on, it’s important to engage with your followers These are just a few ways you can do so:

  1. Start following the users who follow you.
  2. Add likes or comments to their photo to show that you love their posts.
  3. DO NOT SPAM your follower’s profile by promoting only and only about you in their social channels.Instead, focus on building relationships.

“The more you care, the more they share.”

It’s all about caring and sharing!”

How to use Hashtag for your brand Instagram marketing?

We have been using hashtags in many of our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.But interestingly, hashtags have gained enormous popularity via INSTAGRAM.

A Hashtag helps you to organise and categorise your post and video for people to search for when they are looking for specific information.

Business owners generally fail to notice the number of hashtags to use while posting.

As it turns out, they usually end up using irrelevant hashtags.

Instagram has mentioned that we can only use up to 30 hashtags in one post, but it is ideal not to use more than 3 or 4 tags.

We tend to use popular hashtags like #marketing # business #brand but when checked we may have more than 100 million searches for these tags.

A word of caution:

Make use of hashtags which are relevant to your business.

Some hashtags are reported as spam and thus, there is a high probability of your chance getting blacklisted if you persist with such hashtags.

How are companies using hashtags?

Taco Bell, a famous food supply company,  uses one or two hashtags to describe their products or events.

They post daily event photos with hashtag #tacobellmonday #tacobelltuesday

This way they are giving their users fresh content every day to generate curiosity for the next post.

taco bell photo update instagram

On the other hand, Starbucks uses 3 – 4 hashtags for its promotions.

Some of their hashtags are not related to their business.

Yet, they use it to publicize and get user attention.

starbuck instagram account

How to strategise your Hashtag?

By now, you have followed all the above steps.

NOW is the time for execution.

Kinds of hashtags to use:

The most important thing to follow while using hashtag would be:

  • Maintain the relevance with each defined word.
  • Not to overuse hashtags.
  • Should relate to your industrial niche.
  • Frame hashtag keeping in mind your target audience.
  • Don’t use someone else’s hashtag, for it may create a wrong impression.
  • Create your brand-specific hashtags like #sotc #makemytrip.
  • See to it that your hashtags can be easy to remember and should work as brand recall.

Use combination of hashtags:

Instead of using only #marketing as your hashtag, you can use #marketingtip, #marketingidea, etc.

Think about it.

When you limit yourself only to #marketing, you are also limiting the viewership. It is very much possible that online users might be searching for content related to your post, but with related hashtags. Hence it becomes necessary to use related ones too.

Conduct Research on your Hashtag:

As I mentioned earlier, make a thorough research first before starting an Instagram account.

Find out what kinds of tags your competitors are using.

Make a rough list of all those tags and add a creative touch to your tags. You can also use apps like Icon Square,  Datagrams etc. to find popular hashtags in your niche.

Bonus Tips to use Instagram for driving sales

  1. Share only POSITIVE images
  2. Let your passion be reflected in the post you share. For instance, if you are a shopaholic and run business in supplying different types of shoes, post about anything related to shoeware and your product range.
  3. Add tags for every post. This will help you to gain user attention.
  4. Mix business posts with some entertaining posts. This comes off as a break from the usual business posts.
  5. Always like, share and comment on others’ posts. What this does is it creates a psychological connect between you and the user.
  6. Link your social media accounts ( Facebook, Twitter etc.) with your Instagram account. This definitely goes a long way in saving your posting time and gives you a broader audience to market your products.

Bottom Line:

Instagram, if used with right hashtags, can make your brand reach the right audience and make you drive sales for your business.

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