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Introducing: Personal Branding on Blogging Hammer

What do you think is the reason for celebrities and politicians being so popular and having a sea of fans wherever they go?

What is that one factor that draws us towards them, to the extent that we crave for a meetup and an autograph? [or maybe a selfie in today’s times]

Maybe because celebs entertain us and politicians get all the media attention for their respective works.

But there is one thing which hides behind the veils of such mass popularity.

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The concept of personal branding has not only helped well known personalities brand themselves, but has also catapulted them into being someone who is next to God.

Absolutely flawless!

Now wonder why millions of fans worship their favorite celebs as if he or she is a Supreme deity.

But What exactly is personal branding?

What is so magical about this term which has managed to turn individuals into nothing less than a demigod?

And most importantly, how can this concept help your brand?

Let’s find out.

What is Personal Branding?

According to Wikipedia, Personal branding is the practice of marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

It refers to the process of marketing your quality and uniqueness that benefits others in their financial and mental growth.

Revamping your lifestyle, developing thoughts on social and personal issues, attaining success in the work you do, entertaining people in a unique way is what personal branding teaches you.

Using the art of personal branding, you can gather a huge number of followers who in turn will help you to monetize your public activity.


Influencing followers for public issues and getting followers for what you are giving to them are two different things.

Some individuals who are in the process of running a personal branding campaign get confused between the two and give their opinions on sensitive issues, regardless of how their opinions would be perceived by their followers.

If some followers get influenced by your words, will they take it positively?

Only time would reveal the reactions.

Being an influencer for sensitive social causes is a huge thing.

A good influencer knows and understands their responsibility of maintaining world peace and supporting humanity.

They also get to know the in depth knowledge about any sensitive issue and not get misled by any rumours.

Thus it is prudent not to be an influencer if you are not into it and if you don’t know its effects on people’s mentality.

Having said this, it is completely normal to share your own thoughts with your followers.

After all, your thoughts bring you the social audience.

But be careful of what you speak in public or type in Social Media platforms.

If you are unsure of your opinions which you have put forth, request your followers to research a bit on the relevant issue and get to know the reality.

Personal Branding Activities

You should be clear with your intentions.

Ask yourself whether you want to:

  • Do personal branding for your particular niche, or
  • Just want to be an influencer.

Personal branding is indeed a robust field in itself which includes activities such as:

  1. Crossing the average human ability in your particular niche to stand out from the rest of the herd
  1. Finding and understanding your unique value or quality
  1. Knowing what you love to do and spending your whole life doing the same thing with a tinge of variation without getting bored.
  1. Giving maximum time to your chosen niche and employing your resources to develop it
  1. Knowing your target audience
  1. Finding your platform to showcase your talent and gain appreciation. It can be social media sites, website / blog, video channel or any form of offline work.

What do you want to show to the world?

Will that skill require online or offline marketing to nurture?

Do you need some consultancy to market your portfolio?

Focus on the aforesaid points to get a glimpse of the idea of personal branding.

Though we are forever in love with the future, past matters.

And thus it is better to know the history of anything before starting off.

History of Personal Branding

According to Wikipedia, the term ‘Personal branding’ has been first used by Tom Peters in 1997.

It was first introduced in 1937 in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

 This idea then surfaced later in the book Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout (1981).

Subsequently, the rise of the internet and social media sites added fuel to the branding fire.

In modern times, online networking, fan following, social circles as well as online niche popularity gives the practitioners of personal branding a golden opportunity to build their careers.

Such people have always been in the ’WANTED” zone of the best employers.

Such individuals hold the keys to success and have luscious opportunities coming to them.

Opportunities which are independent and free from the stress of job security help in living your life to the fullest.

Criticisms of Personal Branding

One criticism which has always bothered the Personal branding experts is the ‘Fake it till you Make it’ attitude of individuals.

In the quest for attaining instant success and winning over people’s hearts, individuals tend to lose their originality.

I believe this is not the right way to brand yourself.

Personal branding involves revamping your value systems, sticking to their core ideals and propagating them to the world.

Not acting in a way which is in contradiction to your actual self.

You must remember that people are way smarter than what you perceive them to be.

Such a blatant move to appear different from you only turns off the customers who eventually flock to other products once they get a viable alternative.

Patience pays. Don’t get anxious after not getting the results you expected in the initial period of personal branding.

Be real and stick to your targeted audience to begin with.

Individuals who are neck deep into such fake branding resort to excessive online marketing.

Behind their loose masks of compassion for social causes and influencing campaigns lies a web of evil marketing strategies which only productizes their overall brand since it is an effective way to garner scores of followers in less time.

For people like celebrities & politicians, PR (Public Relation) can maximize their exposure with profitability by tweaking public perception via sensational coverage and positive news.


This was all about personal branding and how will it help you build your personal brand.

Follow this post and find out ‘11 Fruitful ROI of Personal Branding’.

Share your experiences about personal branding with me by commenting below.

Altamash Sid

Altamash Sid is a professional blogger and digital marketing trainer. He shares his experience on how to start from zero in life and build your personal brand.

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