What is a Virtual Assistant And How to Become a Virtual Assistant?

Time management is a prerequisite to being successful. If you want to be successful, you need to use all the help you can get.

This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in, considering your work is majorly online.

Virtual Assistants are good at performing small routine jobs, flexibility being their most coveted quality. A Virtual Assistant takes the burden of recurring tasks off your mind letting you focus on the tasks at hand. The cost of hiring a virtual assistant is low as compared to the assistant you would find locally.

Hiring a local personal assistant may seem a more reliable option but a virtual assistant is more cost effective.

If you think that a boring day job is not your thing, you can always work from the comforts of your home sitting in your PJs.

Of course, the first thought that occurred to your mind would be freelancing. But that requires some skill and if you lack that there is nothing to worry about.

You can work from home as a Virtual Assistant with no considerable prior experience. You just have to support your employer in basic day to day tasks and that doesn’t require much effort and brains.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

The job as a Virtual Assistant is quite simple but the Virtual Assistant job description covers quite an array of tasks you should be familiar with.

Data entry, managing contacts, and emails, setting up appointments, managing social media accounts are some of the tasks that Virtual Assistants usually perform.

If this job profile piques your interest we are good to go further.

Finding a Virtual Assistant job is not as difficult as it seems. Considering its increasing scope and demand for Virtual Assistants, finding the job that suits your skill set is a cake walk.

Get in your most comfortable clothes with the cup of coffee because here are the best websites that will help you hunt for your desired legitimate Virtual Assistant jobs, especially if you are a beginner.

1. Freelancer

The process is simple, sign up on their site and you can browse through various Virtual Assistant jobs available in India posted there. If you are a freelancer from India it’s easy to explore and get information on how much employers are offering you as a Virtual Assistant as it is in Rupees. It’s easy to get lost in the pool of a huge number of jobs, so you will have to have a clear idea of the type of Virtual Assistant job you are looking for. I would recommend you to go for ‘Jobs matching my skills’ option. That will filter the results for you. The service that freelancer provides is not totally free, although it does give you a one-month free trial.

2. Upwork

Upwork is the most popular website to find freelance jobs. Their site is user-friendly. It gives you the exact information on the number of proposals, the pay, rating etc. If you are an Indian freelancer, you need to put some brains while setting up your account especially while filling the Tax information. Upwork has a built in filter that lets you filter your results making it much easier to explore the Virtual Assistant jobs. If you find yourself overwhelmed at work, just go to the ‘How it works’ section, you will find everything you need. It’s really easy to use, give it a try.

3. Guru

Guru is another awesome platform where you can work as a Virtual Assistant. At first thought, you might think that it is a venture established by an Indian to facilitate Indian freelancers in getting the right job but it is a US based company. The best upside to using Guru is its very user-friendly interface. It categorizes different kinds of jobs and even breaks them down into numerous sub-categories, thereby helping the user to find whatever he/she is looking for in a very minimal time frame based on his/her specific skill set, thereby making it the perfect place to find Virtual Assistant jobs for beginners.

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) allows Virtual Assistants (Workers or Turkers) to work on individual tasks (Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs) of your choosing from home at your convenience. Multiple users can send a response to the same HIT. HIT is automatically approved when a specific number of users give the same response.  Employers or businesses (Requesters) specify monetary payment for each HIT and the maximum time a worker has to work on a single task amongst other things. Requesters may ask you to submit your qualifications for a particular job or also set up a test to check your skills. Amazon gets 20% commission from Requesters on successfully completed jobs. Payments on completed tasks can be redeemed via Amazon.com using Gift Certificates or credited to your U.S. bank account. Workers can give feedbacks on employers on a third party app called Turkopticon, thereby helping other workers to avoid shady jobs and identify superior employers.

5. Peopleperhour

Just like Upwork, Peopleperhour is another Website may land on while searching for Virtual Assistant job listings. Peopleperhour provides you with a 5-step process to apply for jobs. It may seem annoying at first but works wonders if followed properly. As for finding a Virtual Assistant job, the process is of much relevance. I would suggest going for the ‘Sell’ option on their site and browsing jobs directly.

6. 99 Dollar Social

If social media is your thing this is the website you are looking for. They basically hire Virtual Assistants to manage the social media accounts of their clients. One of the major downsides for this kind of VA job is that you are required to have creative writing skill and you should be familiar with Social Media networking and basics. For further details on how all of it works, you may visit their site. Not to mention their landing page walks you through the basics. Considering the growing social media market in India, it is one of the sites Indian freelancers should definitely try.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the sites where you get to do the most simple tasks at Dollar five. That’s why the name, I guess. It’s one of the coolest websites you would ever come across. One of the downsides rather a challenge is that you have to promote yourself. When you land on the page, you will notice that the site is designed from the hirer’s perspective. Unlike other sites that list jobs for Virtual Assistants, you don’t get to choose the jobs, the employers choose you if they deem you fit for the job. If you are an Indian freelancer, you need to be a bit careful as not to undersell your skills.

8. Clickworker

Clickworker is a bit different from other websites. The Virtual Assistant job description usually contains the variety of simple tasks that don’t require any specific skill. But as a Virtual Assistant at Clickworker, you have to be familiar with text creation, editing, web research, Data tagging and data categorization. Even though you are good at above-mentioned tasks you will have to complete a  qualification assessment test to get started.

9. Weworkremotely

Weworkremotely stands out in terms of simplicity. It would be a piece of cake for you to find a beginner Virtual Assistant Job here. The service is free for job seekers but chargeable for posting a job. As you scroll through the websites you will find jobs listed systematically under different heads. It’s worth a try.

10. Remotive

Remotive is best for beginner Virtual Assistant. It enlists a variety of remote, work-from-home Virtual Assistant jobs. You do need to have some skills to land a good job here. It also gives you weekly tips on remote work and productivity. The downside of Remotive is that most of the jobs listed there are technical in nature. When it comes to tech, Indian market is very competitive, Remotive is a good opportunity to get the right pay for your skills as a Virtual Assistant.


These websites make it easy finding legitimate Virtual Assistant jobs, saving time and effort. The market has become quite competitive as the demand for Virtual Assistants has increased. Although the sites discussed above facilitate your job hunt, they don’t guarantee you one. One of the ways to stand out is to keep developing new skills while working, that would surely be a determinant for the range of pay as a Virtual Assistant.

Don’t get stuck just on one job, keep looking for better work opportunities that suit your skill set. Networking is the key here. You can keep yourself updated with the ongoing Virtual Assistant Job opportunities through networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.