Forums are a place of geniuses in their respective fields.

In fact, they are at the epicenter of every smart tactic on World Wide Web.

When we talk about blogs or websites, forums are the most important thing which completes the definition of a successful Off-Page SEO.

Backlinks from forums not only grow the trust of your blog but also enhance the new blog or website ranking quickly.

If you are an active member of a good forum on the web, you can get the best of the ideas there.

Forums are the best way for proving and establishing yourself as an expert because most of the active users of top forums are influencers themselves.

So if they appreciate your body of work, be assured that you will be gettingmore positive reviews and engagements from their followers too.

You may also want to connect with them on social media and build good connections with them.

This can help you to grow and ask for any support if needed.

Hence, forums are not only important from the SEO point of view, but also from the branding perspective.

To make things easier for you, Blogging Hammer has made a list of more than 15+ communities and forums lists for bloggers and individuals to join.

Note: Here is the Part – II of this post in which I have provided an exhaustive list of 500+ forums for do-follow backlinks

Make sure you drop your links in an appropriate manner.

Don’t spam or else you will get your IP address blocked.

Webmaster and Blogger Forums

Webmaster World 

Webmaster World discusses about the process for doing online business.

The forum claims that the site and its members share the knowledge about operating website that includes design, coding, management and marketing.

SEO Forums

SEO Forums, one of the top Webmasters which has a community of about 90,061 users with 23,247 threads and about 122,882+ posts (according to Forum’s stats), is the best place to learn Search Engine Optimization and improve SEO skills with the best SEO tactics.

This forum can also be used as one of the best ways to grow your SEO network.

SEO has different categories to cover different aspects of SEO like SEO about Google, Bing, Link Building, On-site optimization, SEO Q&A, SMO, and AdWords related forums too.

It also has different regional area forums.

For instance, it has two categories: India and UK, where only members from their respective countries can discuss the things which only relate to their country.

SEO forums also have Marketplace available in the site where you can buy or sell links and SEO services / SEO content.

Apart from Marketplace, it also has a Cafe area where you can start off topic discussions, give your introduction and your feedback and suggestions.

SEW [Search Engine Watch]

SEW’s forum is a very popular forum which is very informative.

It helps website owners in their SEO functions

According to Search Engine Watch, they provide tips and information on searching the web.

Website Babble 

Website Babble is also best known for being a trustworthy and high ranked forum for learning different aspects of online marketing.

Right from creating a website, promoting it to monetizing your website, you can do it all here.

According to Forum statistics, they have more than 23,982 members, 25,699 threads and 206,185 posts.

Webmaster Forum,

Webmaster Forum is also regarded as one of the best forums which has different sub – forums categories with many options for learning.

{It is one of the online money making forums which has V7N as one of its sub-forums.}

Business forum

It helps one to learn about online business and online legal issues.

Marketing Forums

They help to learn and discuss about Google, SEO, marketing, branding, advertising, content writing, website monetizing and many more.

Web development forums

Web development Forums enable you to learn and start a thread related to coding,
blogging, hosting, web design, graphic design, multimedia video related marketing and advertising and digital photography.

It also has a Webmaster Marketplace to offer your SEO and other webmaster related services.

Also, you can post your job requirement if you are looking forward to hire someone for your web related work.

According to Webmaster Forum Statistics, this forum has more than 254,541 members, 304,234 threads and 2,056,426 posts.

SEO Chat Forum

SEO Chat Forum, which has a good rank online, talks about great White Hat tips and tricks to optimize your website.

Moreover, it covers other online topics like Social Media Marketing, PPC, other online marketing topics etc.

It has a hangout category forum to chat with other members.

According to Forums statistics, it has about 198,227 members, 452,948 threads and 1,053,080 posts.

Digital Point Forum

Digital Point Forum, with a statistic that boasts of more than 746,915 members and 2,284,650 discussions, emerges as one of the World’s Top 10 forums.

It is an amazing forum where the Webmaster, online marketers and bloggers discuss about different categories of online Webmaster topics ranging from Search Engines, Business and Marketing.

This topic itself has other vast sub-topics like General Business and Marketing, SEO, Payment Processing, Social Networks, Link Development, Legal Issues, Copywriting, Ecommerce, PPC, Affiliate Programs, Web and Graphic Design, Programming and Web development, Databases and Server Administration etc.

Like other top forums, it has Marketplace where you can buy, sell or trade.

Social Networking for Bloggers

Blog Catalog 

A social networking site for bloggers where you can have you own profile page and communities.

BlogCatalog has a discussion page and various forums that you can join.

It offers widgets which you can add to your blog that will display the most recent BlogCatalog members who have visited your site.


Bumpzee is another social networking site for bloggers like BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog.

You are given a profile page where you can display your blog details.

You can maintain your friends’ lists and drop notes to them.

There are hundreds of communities on Bumpzee which discuss blogging and other related topics which you can join.

Bumpzee’s blog widgets include top entries, the most recent visitors, visitors online now, most popular post in the last seven days and blog owner’s information.


This allows you to add widgets on your blog to have it voted by other bloggers and readers.

There is also a FuelMyBlog Forum where you can discuss blogging related topics with other users.

Miscellaneous Blogger Networks

Blogger News Network 

A group site which analyzes the news of the day from different countries and regions.

Topics are generally reviews of movies, books, magazines, plays and other cultural items.

 CEO Bloggers’ Club 

This is a club of CEOs, owners, founders, partners or associates of companies who are also bloggers.

Electronic Frontier Foundation 

A Non-Profit body which highlights issues of online digital rights such as file sharing, bloggers’ rights, online anonymity etc.

Parent Bloggers Network 

A group of bloggers from the USA and Canada who write on various issues of parenting.