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Personal Branding: Make Your Own Platform to Get Noticed Online

Hey there!

Getting attention for your work is a real pain.

You might be having the best skills in the industry, the best tactics to offer and the best ways to tackle your rivals.

Learn how to get 100K Twitter followers in just 6 months!

But you aren’t grabbing any eyeballs.

I understand your worries and I sincerely wish to help you out of this.

And so if you are reading this, ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a great solution.

Today I am going to show you how you can get all the world’s attention by making use of PERSONAL BRANDING.

Today I am going to teach you the branding mantras which shall help you to make your own platform and show your worth to the whole world.

This post is exclusively for those future personal brands who are out on a journey to invest less and achieve more in their lives.

Are you one of those future personal brands?

Can you be one of them?

Let’s find out.

We are living in a globalized world, folks.

Every bit of this world is changing with the changing times, especially the corporate world.

The irony is that nowadays, companies are trying to become a lot like individuals.

And individuals are sounding more like companies.

“I’m not a business man, I’m a business, man.” — by a Great Philosopher Jay Z (Shawn

Corey Carter).

There are a thousand ways out there to get famous. Look around and you shall find a horde of personalities who got fame easily.

Some, because of their patience and talent, while others because of the Hand of Lady Luck. [Cheap controversies] But your success ought to be real and hard earned.

And so we shall embark on a Blogging Hammer Guide to build an online platform on zero budget and learn about the steps to get the general audience for your platform.


The first step to get yourself known to the world is to make yourself known to you first!

Knowing yourself is important in order to present the best side of You to the world.

Write down your skills you already know.

It can be a professional or a non professional skill.

After noting down your skills, try to discover some new professional and creative accomplishments which you have already achieved.

Here is the top 10 highly-desired skills you can teach yourself to cross the average human ability.

People from fields like entertainment, music, novel writing etc. have an upper hand in getting noticed since they get noticed easier.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be famous.

All you need to do is simply become the Master of the art you possess.

You must choose a passion which has the ability to provide long-term benefits to your brand.

For example, actor, writer, comedian, expert, leader or a mentor.

As an individual, you can only be famous by giving your best to the audience in your respective field.

For instance, skillful acting as an actor, making your audience laugh as a comedian, singing melodious songs as a singer or keeping your readers glued to your stories as a writer.

You have to do something which evokes a ‘WOW’ from your audience to create a buzz among the gossip circles.

Make a list of your talents at which you are good at and which can make the audience fall for you.

Earning while Branding Yourself

Get one platform as a landing page on the web as a blog, website or a video channel.

Kick start your landing page/ video channel with a proper logo, design and domain name,

For more on setting up a blog or video channel, check this post on How to start a video channel and How to start a blog.

After having a proper landing page, you can go on an aggressive mode for a couple of weeks and monitor the changes.

If the plan works, keep it going.


Commenting is the most powerful thing to get instant attention. If you ask a question or put forth a genuine opinion on any subject, you are bound to get attention from the public.

But commenting online is different from offline commenting.

Because online commenting is not a rare phenomenon. You need to have some smart tactics in your pocket to grab attention. Make an exhaustive list of thousands of top bloggers’ blogs and forums related to your niche.

Connect with their social profiles and try to be the first one to comment on their blog posts. If you are late, comment with a reply to the first commenter by including the response of the first commenter with your own comment on the post.

Creativity plus swiftness in commenting is a win-win combination for your brand.

YouTube Channel

What is the best outlet to express your values other than a simple Vlog?

Visuals are processed faster by the human mind and thus a YouTube video lingers in the minds of the people for a longer time as compared to a normal blog post.

Making a video and having people to love you for that simply defines THE POWER OF BEING YOU!

In case you are not proficient at video editing or video making,

if you can’t afford a home studio for your YouTube video making,

you can use a simple web cam or any camera with clear picture quality and go ahead with your Vlog.

Initially, the results might not show up.

But with time, you will see the audience flock to your YouTube Channel and subscribe to it.

For more reach, you can also embed these videos on your landing page or blog.

I will share the secret tactics to make and market your YouTube video as we go ahead.

Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence is another easy way to get noticed.

72% of total internet users are active on social media sites.

Imagine the vast benefits of adding Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest to your personal branding arsenal.

Use an Internet Forum

Internet forum is one of the best ways to get as the recognition of an Expert.

Find the forum of your interest and sign up for that forum.

As we’re on the way of personal branding, this is an awesome list of top online forums you should join and be active on.

Ensure that you do not spam in the forum and not try to do aggressive marketing if you are a new member.

Follow all the forum rules and be very active about your posts.

Ask and answer questions frequently.

You will see your personal brand surge in the community circles.


We have tons of resources available to us online which can help us to make our own platform.

We are independent beings. It’s the world who has taught us to remain dependent on a few things for survival.

Use your talent. Monetize it. That is the essence of creating a strong personal brand.

If you have some brilliant ideas, use the above tactics to stand out from the rest of the pack.

 And I at Blogging Hammer promise you to help you with making you a brand.

If you have some cool strategies to boost your personal brand, do comment below.

Altamash Sid

Altamash Sid is a professional blogger and digital marketing trainer. He shares his experience on how to start from zero in life and build your personal brand.

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