Right now, Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world. Despite of being the biggest Search Engine, it is still not effective to use in various scenarios. One such scenario is when someone needs to search about a particular person. We know that Google is able to display information about a famous person, but when it comes to looking for normal people online, the world’s mightiest search engine fails miserably. Thankfully, some creative minds came along and built the Search Engine for people, where you can actually enter a name and the website will display the details about that particular person. We are talking about Pipl, the world’s largest Search Engine for finding people’s information.

What is Pipl?

Pipl can be easily described as a Search Engine to search about people. In short, you can call it Google for People. This Search Engine fetches, compiles and then gives output of data based on various social media services. These social media services include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. This website works with such a great accuracy that it is better to search for someone on Pipl rather than other Search Engines.

How does it work?

Pipl work just like any other search engine does, the only difference is that it works in a way which is only suitable for finding people. This website searches through all the major Social Networking Websites, Search Engines and even the deep web to search for people. The biggest difference between a normal search engine and Pipl is that the latter is made specifically to search for individuals whereas normal search engines are made to show any information they can find, no matter whether it is a person or not.

One can simply find someone on Pipl by just entering their name and location. Even out of this, entering location is optional, so in a way the use just needs to enter the name of the person he is looking for and the rest would be taken care by Pipl.

Why should one use Pipl?

Pipl is a great utility website and almost anyone can use it but there are certain people such as marketers, net private investigators, debt collectors, criminal investigators etc. Who would love to use this site because of the accuracy of the information it provides.

There are various other reasons as well which will make you use Pipl instead of any other search engine:

  • Photos: The best thing about Pipl is that it supports all the results with corresponding images retrieved from social media profiles, this helps the user to verify if the person they are looking for is the correct one or not
  • Public Information: You will get all the public information of the person that you are looking for, and if there are any changes in that information then the website will also show you the past history.
  • Comprehensive reports: If you want then you can also cross check the background of a person on Pipl.

Pipl is really one of the greatest utility that you can find on internet to look for people online. If you are anyone who might be interested in finding an individual’s details, then Pipl is the site that you should use. If you think there are some other sites just like Pipl then do let us know in the comments below!