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Review: ThoughtBuzz – Asia’s leading Social Media Marketing and Analytics Platform

I had heard a lot about the Social Media Management Tool ‘ThoughtBuzz’.

While I was wondering about my next post topic on Blogging Hammer, I got an opportunity to use this tool.

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After reading about my experience with ThoughtBuzz, I bet you will be yearning for this tool.

Here is my take on ThoughtBuzz!

About ThoughtBuzz

ThoughtBuzz is a Social Media Management Tool where you can monitor your engagements, followers growth, local / country / global trends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

All of this made available under one roof coupled with a mobile and user-friendly Dashboard.

ThoughtBuzz- Social Media Marketing and Analytics Platform - img 1

What Makes ThoughtBuzz unique from other Social Media Monitoring and Management Tools?

  1. It informs you about your top follower base by analyzing your interactions with them.
  1. It gives you the latest topics trending in all Social Media platforms i.e. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

As I mentioned before, it gives you the flexibility to see geographical trends of every Social Media platform in a single Dashboard (See a screenshot above).

  1. It also permits you to interact with your fans on different SM [Social Media] platforms from one place which saves the time of switching between SM profiles.
  1. Though Instagram is an unavoidable SM platform that no brand can ever ignore, there are very few tools out there which actually track your Insta performance.

But this tool gives you the room for managing and analyzing your IG profile in a matter of minutes.

  1. This tool is so promising that more than a 1000 brands repose their trust on it for their Social Media engagements.

From the points above, it seems that ThoughBuzz is very innovative, flexible and user friendly in comparison to other tools.

How to get the most of ThoughtBuzz for your Personal Branding Campaigns?

According to a study by Ipsos, the average Social Media user spends 3.6 hours on Social Media every day.

This means that if our working time is worth $500 per hour (minimum), then we are wasting time worth $1800 per day.

So why should one waste his / her when one has tools like ThoughtBuzz to track SM profiles?

Top 3 ways to use Thought Buzz for Personal Branding Campaigns

To understand this post, first you need to sign up for ThoughtBuzz and understand its functionality and interface via the Help Tour and read this later.

So here are the top 3 ways:

1.  Use “Trends” tab from your Dashboard.

For adding trends for city / country / global, you can click on the “Add Trend” icon to analyze the content currently trending on different Social Media networks.

Identify the facts and use these strategies for creating your own content.

ThoughtBuzz- Social Media Marketing and Analytics Platform - img 2

2. Click and use the “Double speech bubbles” Icon to reply, comment and engage with your SM fans from different platforms to save your time.

Also, try to analyze and compare the intensity of reactions you are getting for the same content in different SM platforms.ThoughtBuzz- Social Media Marketing and Analytics Platform - img 3

3. Again, by clicking the “Trend” tab or “Social Media People” icon tab, get to know the list of your top fans who engage with you the most.

By clicking on the “Message Box” icon, you can send them personalized messages to thank them for their love and support.

ThoughtBuzz- Social Media Marketing and Analytics Platform - img 4

P.S. The “Social Media People” icon gives you an extensive fan list in comparison to the “Trend” tab.

Lastly, use the Analytics tab to get all your graphs and charts to analyze and understand what’s going on in your social media presence.

ThoughtBuzz- Social Media Marketing and Analytics Platform - img 5


Good Bye Note!

I personally recommend you to use ThoughtBuzz – a wonderful App with some excellent features.

ThoughtBuzz with Hootsuite can be a perfect combination for minimizing your Social Media monitoring and management time and enhancing your Social Media marketing productivity.

If you are already using this tool, share your experience or strategy with me.

Altamash Sid

Altamash Sid is a personal branding blogger and an internet marketer. He shares his experience on how to build your personal brand and tells the secrets of making million dollars, productivity and personal branding.

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