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Seo Website Silo Architecture: Siloing Introduction

Check this out:

This is how a website structure containing a variety of content would look like to a search engine bot and a human.

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Unorganized Website without Website Silo Architecture (WSA)

Isn’t it confusing for you?

What about the Search Engine bots?

Well, they will end up ignoring it.

This is where Website Silo Architecture comes into play.

So, What Is Siloing?

From the above example and according to Bruce Clay’s explanation on Website Silo Architecture, we can say that Siloing is the method of optimizing the website structure and organizing content into silos so as to make it easy to navigate for humans and for search engine bots to crawl the website.


It is also called as SEO Silo Theming which means: A website silo architecture based on an on-page linking structure which separates various themes into different ‘silos’ for search engines and humans to know the topic and the website content.


In a website silo structure, there is a silo page with related topics and all the respective pages and content connected with the home page in accordance with the SEO silo theming. For example, a blog’s SEO silo page has pages about on-page SEO, off-Page SEO and Link building.

When all the pages with content link together, it becomes easy for the search engines to know that the page is about SEO which is based on page linking, which means that you will need some inbound links to bind all the content pages together.

Of course, it is hard to rank your silo page on the keyword ‘SEO’. But even harder is ranking for the topic which is competitive.

Finding a suitable keyword involves the following steps:

  • Keyword research:
    Do some research for the targeted keywords covering your blog’s title, description as well as the category name for your content before you create silos for your keywords.
  • Do some Information Architecture:
    It’s preferable to do some information architecture (IA), in which you want to organize or optimize the content based on the silo keywords hierarchically and give users a better UX (User Experience).
  • Reinforce the structure:
    Reinforce the structure through breadcrumb, linking, URL structure menus and 301 redirects.

See One Example here

First, find a white marble which is the same as some unorganized website structure with lots of topics.

Unorganized Pages and Content of a Website

Next, find a white marble based on SEO Silo Structure with different categories containing a whole lot of categorized topics.


Organized Pages and Content of a Website: Siloing

Which of the two was faster, simple and time saving?

Undoubtedly the second one which was based on SEO Silo Structure categorized by silos.

No matter how popular a messy structured site is, sites based on silos shall be more relevant for bots to crawl.

Ensure that the content should be on the topic which is in sync with the silos.

What is So Special about WSA (Website Silo Architecture?

  • Google engineer and spam team coordinator Matt Cutts admits that website silo architecture can be a “really good thing”.  Video Here 
  • It’s an SEO based fundamental structure which provides a solid foundation to your website.
  • WSA is seen as the best tactic to bang your rival’s site for a keyword and rank your website at a position which is 90% higher than your rival.
  • Bruce Clay and Red Door charge their clients tens of thousands of dollars to create silo structured website because it is difficult for a newbie to implement.

Most professional SEO experts find WSA method too difficult to implement.

  • WSA is a White Hat SEO tactic with a bit of grey hat too (covered later) with a history of around 12 years.
  • Website Silo Architecture was first taught as early as 2003 by Bruce Clay from Bruce Clay Inc.
  • WSA is not very known, but its components like breadcrumbs and URL structure are known to many

Since these components fall under the category of WSA, top SEO experts and companies are making full use of this.

Cover the Siloing fundamentals

The fundamentals of Siloing are beyond the scope of this article. Below are some articles which you can refer to for more info.


WSA or Siloing or Silo Theming can play a very important role in outranking your competition and giving users a great user experience. There is no doubt that WSA is a helper for Search Engine bots that can make them happy enough to enhance your rankings.

Checkout this blog post to learn about How to Implement Silo in Your WordPress blog? This mind boggling article includes:

  • Siloing your WordPress Website(Special)
  • Organizing your content
  • Case Studies
  • URL Structure and Redirect(Special)
  • WSA Common Mistakes, Errors and Grey Hat Tricks

Do not forget to comment below and share your experience about WSA.

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