YouTube is the biggest video streaming website out there right now, it has got tons of content with thousands of creators, but YouTube does have a dark side. And that is their strict community guidelines, these guidelines often lead to various type of content either getting censored or removed from the site, which makes YouTube a less fun place.

Not only this, YouTube bans users from the website a lot of times without any reason, and most of the times you can’t even get your account back. If you are an avid YouTube user and have browsed the comment section of a popular video even once then you might be knowing that there are tons of spam comments, the worst part is that these comments look so real that anyone can be fooled.

And copyright take-downs, how can we forget that? If you are a creator on YouTube then you know what I am talking about, YouTube is known for taking down videos which have copyrighted material in them, this material may range from a whole song to using a brand’s poster, you never know when your video will be taken down by YouTube.

If you are also one of those who is fed up with YouTube’s weird policies and behavior, then have a look at the YouTube alternatives. These are the best video sharing sites:


The best alternative for Youtube is Vimeo. It is one of the classiest video sharing website that you can find on the internet, it overshadows YouTube in almost every sense. The website was launched back in 2004, and since then it hasn’t looked back. Vimeo, unlike YouTube, focuses more on quality rather than quantity.

YouTube is the place where people go to see cats jumping here and there, but when it comes to Vimeo, it is the site that actually showcases real and talented video works.


DailyMotion is pretty close to YouTube, it features and functions in a similar way. It is so much similar to YouTube that one can call it site like youtube without censorship. Although DailyMotion does have censorship, but if you dig a bit deep into the site, you will find enough skin display.

Unlike’s YouTube trending section, DailyMotion doesn’t promote useless content in its featured section, the website only shows professional quality clips in their featured column.


Metacafe is different from all other video streaming sites, the average length of videos on their site is just 90-seconds. Despite of short video clips, the website manages to pull more than  40 million unique visitors every month.

The best part about this site is that all the useless videos are removed quickly. This means that if you are a viewer, you won’t have to deal with pointless videos. The rest of the site is similar to YouTube.


Okay, I know that you are confused right now, Flickr is a photo-sharing website, but they even have a video section. Owned by Yahoo, Flickr apart from offering a photo sharing platform actually allows the users to upload videos as well.

The videos are limited to just 90-seconds, according to the company these aren’t videos and are rather long videos. Since this website is not primarily a video sharing site, it lacks many features, but it is expected that they would be added in the near future.


The name clearly tells that this website is a photo sharing site, but again you are wrong. Although Photobucket mainly aims at sharing photos but the users can also opt to upload and browse videos. The good part about this website is that it doesn’t have any 90-second limit like Flickr.

Now this video sharing website is on a completely different tangent. Instead of sharing random and senseless videos, this site was made for the makers of web series to share their works online.

The website gets straight to work and doesn’t show any useless videos, the homepage contains the latest episodes of different web series. Now, this is a smart strategy as it can get people into binge watching the entire series!


This site is excellent as compared to the recent ones in the list. There is no limit on this website. So as a creator it doesn’t matter if you are having a full-length film or a short film, the site will accept it, no matter what.

That was a list of top YouTube alternatives, if you think we missed any, then do let us know in the comments section below!